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Tenuta Campo al Signore

di Valeria Corciolani ♦ He lifts his chin and inhales the scent the morning brings. He squints his eyes and savours damp soil, cut grass, and softwood. As he digs a little deeper, he can even detect the tender fragrance of sprouts mingling with the pungent aroma of grapevines. They blend together with the austere Scopri

Tenuta Pietramora

by Vins Gallico ♦ She really didn’t want to go to the hills, in the middle of nowhere. She told her mother too, even when they were about to leave, her last hopeless attempt, but it was like talking to a brick wall. She didn’t even try mentioning it to her father for she knew Scopri

Colle delle 100 Bottiglie

di Silvia Seracini  ♦ Life brushed us Yet the King of the World Keeps our hearts enchained (“The king of the world”, a song by Franco Battiato) His father celebrated buying the vineyard on the very day of his eighth birthday. They had dinner under the pergola in a star-sprinkled evening, warmed by drinking and laughter. Scopri

Grandi Cru della Costa Toscana

by Nicolà Mazza deʼ Piccioli  ♦ «As a child, I would sneak into the town museum and spend my days gazing at the art. There, I learned to love every nuance, every secret and signature the authors hid in it. I could have stayed in there forever, but unfortunately, I hadn’t turned eighteen yet when my Scopri

Hotel Suite Inn

by Ornella Fiorentini  ♦ I. Speaking in the soft, encaptivating tones we use when recounting a fairy tale, my mother let down her long brown hair and began the story that I knew by heart: “We called you Paolo because you were as handsome as your forefathers. You were born in the farmhouse next to the Scopri

Podere La Regola

by Daniela Cicchetta  ♦ The two brothers entered the side door of the barrel cellar, but the Maestro did not hear them, his eyes closed and a brush in his hand. In the middle of the wall, an entirely blackened wall, he had just begun to turn thought into vibration. “Somnium…” he repeated, like a Scopri

Tenuta Il Corno

by Vins Gallico  ♦ It’s not true that everything can be measured. It depends on who establishes the unit of measure and the element to be measured, who defines the parameters and even the aims. This is why I trust vagueness, I trust those who look at content rather than form, who practice meditation. Every day, Scopri