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(an investigation by Enrico Radeschi)

by Paolo Roversi ♦ It all started on a very hot night in Milan, the air was swamped with mosquitos and humidity. Enrico Radeschi and his friend Loris Sebastiani, Deputy Commissioner, who had both made it through a nightmarish case that made them sacrifice hours of sleep, energy and leave days, were wandering around the Scopri

Palazzo Vitturi

by Michele Costantini  ♦ The dove flapped its wings, along with the rest of its body, clumsy and panting, weighed down by fatigue. It could feel each fiber of its body stretching, twisting in a desperate attempt to escape the enemy. The two seagulls were chasing it, a deadly pair, their giant white wings spreading Scopri

Hotel Palazzo Vitturi

by Maria Rosa Giacon  ♦ Interviewer: Madame Franco, tell us about your birth. I’ve read that you came from the cittadini originari of Venice caste, but with the best will in the world, I do not exactly understand what that means... Franco: Native-born citizens were a class above the common people, their ties with the Scopri

Masseria Susafa

by Daniela Cicchetta  ♦ The woman crossed the Baglio’s1 courtyard, carrying a wicker basket filled with vegetables right on her hip, giving her an off-balance stride, her pelvis leaning forward and the rest of her body backwards. She was wearing jodhpurs, a white shirt and the same boots for horseback riding she had used that Scopri